Taking Note of Violence
Review of Lee Ann Fujii’s Show Time: The Logic and Power of Violent Display.
Los Angeles Review of Books, 2022.

To mark the first anniversary of the “Battle of Culiacán,” I co-edited a series of essays with Michael Lettieri and Cecilia Farfán. This was published by Mexico Violence Research Project and Revista Espejo in October 2020.
The Battles After the Battle: Interpreting Violence and Memory in Culiacán.”
Introduction: Revisiting the Interpretive Frenzy.”
Introducción: Reconsiderando el festín interpretativo.”

What Will it Take to End Indefinite Detention at Guantánamo Bay?
Political Violence at a Glance, 2021

In Defense of Zombies
Political Violence at a Glance, 2020

The Jakarta Method Comes to Latin America
Review of Jason Bevins’s The Jakarta Method.
NACLA, 2020

Narco-terrorism Charges Against Maduro and the “Cartel of the Suns”
NACLA, 2020

Revisiting the Battle of Culiacán
NACLA, 2019

López Obrador’s Public Enemy Number One
NACLA, 2019

A Man Has Been Tortured – All is Going to Plan
Overland, 2014

A Brooklyn Hipster in Sydney
Overland, 2014

The Press Arrives at Nauru
Overland, 2013

Indefinite Detention Shouldn’t be Definitive
Overland, 2013